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How to Migrate Legacy Data to the Cloud

Getting your legacy apps to become as resilient as the mobile applications we all take for granted isn't easy. The benefits of being able to constantly introduce changes, rollback and deploy as you need to, just can't be done on brittle, expensive legacy platforms.  

At Exafluence we've had multiple successful outcomes by treating the data migration inherent in any modernization project as a mini SDLC.  We've learned a methodology supported by purpose-built automation tools can improve migrations as well as faster on-boarding of new clients or business units.   Most of the technical resources and spend are focused on the new capabilities of the digital platforms that we build, but early on we noted that much of the analysis was still done with quill and pen on Word and Excel.  Further, whether an agile or traditional waterfall project multiple handoffs from the business experts to technology teams caused delays and made projects slower and at higher costs then need be. Book a Meeting

Above outlines our approach to get from 'A' to 'B' faster and with less risk:

1. Review the current landscape using Data Science tools to look for those test accounts, uniqueness and other 'data bombs' that often exist in systems that are 30 or 40 years old.

2. Review Data Privacy and identify data that must be obfuscated, encrypted and determine project team access requirements.

3. Analyze for hidden logic buried in Stored Procedures and ETL to streamline migration.

4. Empower the project team to create data accuracy and completeness checks for the legacy retirement.

5. Understand any transformations or datasets required to support new custom release one deliverables.

6. Create the reconciliation plan.  Project teams will want to know the origination source's table, column and rows have hash totals that are the same in the new target(s).   Exafluence has tools to move the data and provide reconciliation.

7. Then the work begins leveraging a Metadata (Source(s) to Target(s) alignment tool to let Analysts do the data mapping faster using NLP and ML.

8. Provide the project team the means to do low-code/codeless nested transformations and derivations to harmonize transactions and or create requisite gold copies for the target.

9. Determine Enterprise Integration requirements for endpoints, data governance and infrastructure.

10. Provide regression test tools and the ability of the project team to run full workflows with deep logs to move to Go-Live.

The following highlights the capabilities we bring to every digital project that requires data modernization.

Whether you are building a new Pension Member Benefit Portal, Customer Omni-Channel, Providing Real-Time Healthcare Interoperability or Streaming IoT data for Supply Chain, Medical Devices or Shop-Floor control Exafluence's 25 person dedicated product team provides the innovation needed to go live faster with a suite of micro-services based tools.

Once live, Exafluence has tools to process mine for Enterprise Risk Compliance as well.

Please contact us to learn more how we can assist your digital programs!

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